Welcome to Gather

Gather uses data to transform city sanitation

Platform Development

January 2016: Gather Launches

Gather launched in 2016, initially as a research project to investigate the obstacles to achieving universal access to urban sanitation. After connecting with over one hundred sanitation organisations and professionals, we began to design a data platform that would allow the sector to share data and gain insight into the gaps in service provision.

June 2017: First Demo

We presented our first demo in June 2017. Over 50 people from sanitation, data, mapping, technology and philanthropy gathered at the Urban Innovation Centre for the launch. We demonstrated the ability to layer together slum layouts, the location of toilet facilities and the population density all onto one easy to use, interactive map for the information settlement of Mathare, home to 180,000 people in Nairobi, Kenya. We also shared our vision for a new Gather Index that will help the sanitation sector align investment priorities to achieving Sustainable Development Goal 6 for water and sanitation.

August 2017: Beta Testing

Gather attended World Water Week in Stockholm to showcase the demo and perform beta tests among potential platform users. We also commissioned an updated mapping exercise for Mathare.

November 2017: Building the Minimum Viable Product

Several sanitation providers started to share their sanitation data with us in November 2017. On the back of the progress, Geovation also started to help us build our minimum viable product.

January to April 2018: Product Development

Between January and April we are continuing to focus on platform testing and development as well as organizing three key events:

1) A two day 'Developer Day' in January to prototype how data could be curated and presented if data sets were standardized and complete -- and demonstrate this with existing data sets where possible.

2) A mapping exercise in February to map sanitation for 60,000 in Nairobi, Kenya thanks to overwhelming support for our crowdfunding campaign.

3) A three day 'Data Dive' in March to engineer existing data and build momentum toward data sharing and data standards. 


Photo Gallery from our Demo Launch in June 2017: