Welcome to Gather

Gather uses data to transform city sanitation

What's a platform?

Here at Gather, we talk about platforms a lot - and not just because we are big fans of Harry Potter. As a result, we often get asked ‘What is a Platform?'

About a year ago, we decided not to build toilets. Instead, we decided to solve the sector’s data challeng. As we made this pivot we asked ourselves the question: “Are we a data company, a software company or a platform?”

We weren’t sure. So, to help us, we turned to a fantastic book called “Platform Revolution”. The authors define a platform as:

“A business based on enabling value-creating interactions between external [participants]. The platform provides an open, participative infrastructure for these interactions and sets governance … enabling value creation for all participants”

This aligned with our vision for an open, collaborative, effective sector.

We took the advice of the authors and started to identify what our platform’s core interaction would be.

In jargon terms, a core interaction involves three components: the participants, the value unit and the filter.

For Gather, in simple language, it means sanitation funders and sanitation providers using layered data on a map to account and expand sanitation services across slums.

We will be launching the demo of our platform on Tuesday 20th June. We would love to see you there - more details can be found here.