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Gather uses data to transform city sanitation

Location, Location, Location

April marks the six month anniversary of Gather being a member of the Geovation Hub!

Geovation is the Ordnance Survey’s commitment to open innovation. The Geovation Hub is the UK’s pioneering location data hub that is dedicated to supporting and enabling open innovation and collaboration. The Geovation Hub sits on the second floor of the Urban Innovation Centre. Everything happens somewhere, and the Geovation mission is to expand the use of location in the UK’s innovation community.

As members of the Hub we have massively benefited from desk space and meeting space. The Geovation team have also been fantastic at providing us opportunities to participate in exciting events (see CrisisHack) and profile our work (see Geovation Showcase). Geovation’s developers are also helping us to build our demo. We are excited to launch this at our event in June. If you would like to attend - and see our offices! - then please RSVP.