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Yesterday we attended the SanCop19, a meeting of the UK Sanitation Community of Practice at University College London. It was great to connect with friends and colleagues across the sanitation sector, working together to transform sanitation for the poorest communities.

SanCop was launched in 2008 to strengthen and develop a vibrant water and sanitation sector in the UK. At SanCop19, focus was given to container based sanitation. It was great to hear about the work of Oxfam, LooWatt and Sanitation First, learn about Safe Sanitation Planning from the World Health Organisation and to hear about a new Container Based Sanitation Alliance created by Resource Sanitation.

Key themes of the day included the challenge to reach scale and sustainability so that container based sanitation is recognised and used - by both policy officials and customers - as an effective system of sanitation. Integration of container based sanitation into appropriately, safely managed sanitation is vital for it to have impact.