Welcome to Gather

Gather uses data to transform city sanitation


Welcome to our blog! This is the place to learn more about who we are and what we are doing.

We thought we would start by introducing ourselves.

Gather is run by John Peter Archer and Lindsey Noakes.

John focuses on Gather’s business development. He has previously designed advocacy strategies for a frozen conflict zone in the South Caucasus, advised on resilience in the Middle East and Africa and launched a non-profit that continues to support vital community services for hard-to-reach communities in South East Asia.

Lindsey leads on programme strategy for Gather. Lindsey has experience empowering young people at Restless Development, Making the Leap and her own small start up. She is a trained geographer, and has a Master’s in conflict studies from SOAS.

Gather is governed by an experienced board of trustees, Andrew Riley, Adam James and Iain Fletcher. We’ll tell you more about them, and our amazing panel of expert advisors, in another post.